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    Kitchen renovations can be a costly project to undertake and there are many things to consider – including the kitchen sink! It’s important to know what you’re up against to help create a kitchen renovation that adds value as well as improves the liveability and functionality of the space.

    Make Smart Decisions

    Try these expert tips to get extra bang for your buck with your kitchen renovation:

    • Keeping your plumbing – kitchen sink, dishwasher – where it is. Moving it is expensive, so this can help you eliminate a major expense from the get go.
    • Buying in bulk to get a discount. This applies to materials like floor and wall tiles or flooring.
    • Coordinating all your tradespeople so they work in a logical way. This avoids delays and ensures you only pay for them being productive, and they finish your project on time.
    • Buy carton damaged or refurbished appliances for a major discount, just make sure they have a warranty.

    Getting more luxury for less

    So we know how to make smart decisions but what about a bit of luxury? If you want a luxury kitchen renovation at a fair price, there are a number of things you can do to save on costs:

    • Take extra time to find bargain prices on expensive looking items
    • Choose stylish acrylic splashbacks instead of expensive wall tiles.
    • Keep some of your existing appliances if they are still in good nick.

    Quality and style doesn’t have to cost more if you choose carefully.

    Choosing a Builder

    Choose only a builder who specialises in or has extensive experience in kitchen renovations and additions. View their projects and reviews to uncover whether they can do a good job that will meet your needs. A great builder also knows how to avoid disrupting your daily life as much as possible so you can keep on living while the build takes place.

    At Harris Building we’re focused on producing high quality construction. We strive to approach each project with professionalism and diligence while ensuring every aspect of a build receives the attention to detail required in achieving the best possible result for our clients. We work with you all the way from concept through to delivery, by your side to ensure you are happy with the process and ultimately happy with the outcome. We look forward to helping you build the home of your dreams.

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    What we believe

    Harris Building is a Sydney-based company focused on producing high quality construction. We like to focus on one project at a time, ensuring every aspect of the build is overseen by our head builder resulting in a seamless process.

    When reflecting on what it takes to deliver high quality work, Paul, Director and builder, believes genuine pride and passion for what you do is essential. Throughout the construction process, Paul takes a hands on approach utilising his extensive knowledge of all forms of carpentry paying particular attention to detail.

    We believe communication is paramount to achieve a successful project. We like to involve our clients as much as possible to ensure clarity on each aspect of the project and instill confidence in their decisions.

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